Position descriptions

The whole editorial team writes an article for all four editions of the magazine. Besides that, there are specific tasks per position. The description of every position can be found below.

Text editor (English or Dutch)
Language fanatics pay attention! Do you know everything about spelling and grammar? Do you like to look critically at the content and structure of an article? Or do you just enjoy engaging with articles to make them as perfect as possible? In the position of text editoryou will give constructive feedback on the articles of other editors, so that every edition of the Cul will be full of high-quality articles.

Web editor
A web editor is responsible for the Cul’s website and social media accounts. Do you know how to improve the Cul’s website and boost our social media? Then we want you to keep the digital Cul up-to-date. Some knowledge of WordPress is a plus.

Image editor
Are you not only interested in writing but do you also exactly know what kind of illustration or photograph fits an article? As an image editor you will add pictures and illustrations to the articles written by the editors of the Cul. Because without artistic images and an attractive cover, there would be no Cul!

Graphic designer
Are you creative and a perfectionist? Then we’re looking for you to design the Cul! The graphic designer is the head of the image editorial team and responsible for the lay-out of the final product. You will make sure that the texts perfectly match the illustrations and photographs. You will design the magazine from the cover to the last page! Some knowledge of InDesign is a plus.


The treasurer is responsible for the finances of the Cul. You will be in charge of the bankaccount and make a financial plan for the year. Besides that, you are in charge of payments and acquisition. You try to find advertisers who will help to make it possible to print the magazine four times a year. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be good at math to apply for this position!

Travel coordinator
Next year we really hope to be able to travel again with the whole editorial team. The last edition of the Cul will be fully in the theme of a country we will visit together. As travel coordinator you ensure that the Cul goes international. You will plan the reporting trip that will take place in the first two weeks of july. Besides that, you will plan some nice team-building activities during the year and will organize various events in collaboration with for example other magazines and Kwakiutl!

Multimedia editor
Are you also interested in other forms of media than the magazine? Then you might be our next multimedia editor! Every edition of the Cul will come with two podcast episodes, first to introduce the theme of the new edition and with second to interview one of the editors about an article. You will have in-depth discussions about the topics that can be found within the magazine.